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Insert Coin Review


Genre: narrative platformer
OS: Windows, MacOS
Language: English
Developer: Gil4
Game page:

This is based on what I felt. Others may have different experience.
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You do favor for other characters, like finding someone. The protagonist has peculiar ability which is making clone and teleporting to the clone.

The characters have distinguishable personality and convicing. The dialogs aren't meandering. It's good.



Let's grasp the basic first.

  • It is platformer, so jumping and avoiding obstacles. But in Insert Coin, you can make a clone by "X" button and teleport to that clone by "C" button. I felt the teleporting is cool, the sound effect also fits. Cloning costs one coin.
  • Coins are your lives. So when you hit an obstacle, you lose one coin. But it isn't game over when your coin is zero. I think it's still a bad thing because I think cloning is needed to complete the levels.
  • You can obtain coin from secret areas.
  • I cleared the first level (or case) by finding the envelope. Then back to the quest giver.
  • At the end of the level, there was three choices. I think the choices were like be "pure", "anti-hero", or "bad", which is amusing.


Now let's see the fun things.

  • The obstacles are step up. First you only need to jump and avoid one spike. Easy, simple. But then there are two spikes within short range, which I felt I must be careful. It's challenging, so it's good.
  • Then you meet a puzzle, which is how to get on higher place. It was refreshing.
  • It became fun, the game combined the jumping and puzzle challenge. I think it is possible due to the teleportation mechanic. Because of these challenges, I gave three cups (out of three) for the gameplay rating.

UI, Performance, and Control

  • The startup is a bit slow in my computer.
  • Control is intutitive, I could guess I had to press the arrow keys. It is also simple because there are only two buttons to master, which are "X" for cloning and "C".
  • There was one dialog, which I felt it was a bit hard to read. Because it was small font, many lines were there.


I felt that the art is unique and amazing. It's the very reason I tried the game. I saw the cover and the screenshots, then it got me. I didn't completely read the description of the game.

The animation also felt smooth.


The music and sound effect are just fit. It's good.


So the average rating is two cups of tea (out of three), which is good.

I played the game for 20 minutes. I only cleared the first case. The game page says it has three cases and three endings. So I think there are more to explore which may affect rating and reveal more fun things. Visit the game page for more information and play.

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By Dhamas Tri

Created at 11 Jun 2019. Updated at 11 Jun 2019 10:53 UTC